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Thorn In The Heart

Mrs. Salle Hayden MA, NLP. 
Author, Editor và publish.

Lời bình của bà Salle Hayden, về tác phẩm “THORN IN THE HEART” của tác giả Chinh Nguyên.
Thank you so much for sharing this book with me. 
Your feeling is quite clear. I know that there are many “kids” in the Vietnamese community who do not really know their parents’ and grandparents’ suffering. This book is an introduction to understanding the human tragedy that Vietnam had been for so long. 
I’m not sure that it has changed so much under the Communists, but we can’t see into that window, can we?
I appreciate your skill and fervor.

Salle Hayden
Tác phẩm “Thorn In The Heart” dầy 576 trang.
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