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yêu cầu Ngài Michael Michalak , Đại sứ Hoa Kỳ tại Việtnam trả lời, một câu hỏi về bản quyền của một tác giả Việtnam bị các nhà xuất bản Hoa Kỳ in ấn, phổ biến, không xin phép…
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Thưa  ông :
Nguyễn Anh  Tuấn,
Tổng biên tập Vietnamnet,
Trên mạng  " Tuần Vietnam, Vietnamnet" ngày 2/7/2010,(  vào lúc 4giờ 30 PM – Ngài Micheal Michalak, Đại sứ Hoa Kỳ tại Việtnam, sẽ  trả lời trực tuyến  trên Vietnamnet . Và  quý  báo mạng  yêu cầu đọc  giả gửi đặt câu hỏi đối  với Ngài Đại sứ Hoa kỳ- vậy tôi xin gửi’ một câu hỏi về bản quyền  của một tác giả Việtnam ( tại tp. Hồ Chí Minh) , bị  một số nhà xuất bản ở Hoa kỳ  vi phạm bản quyền ( copyright infringement), như :, Theis, Booknear, CITED get , Library of Congress ,   website GO2VIET.COM  ( CA 92683, USA Phone : 714-213-3908) , đối với các cuốn" Thephong by Thephong, The writer, the work & the life, autobiography-( $ 64,99  ), và  A brief Glimpse at the Vietnamese  literary scene, 1900-1956… " Lược sử văn nghệ Việtnam- Nhà văn tiền chiến 1930-1945  ( $17,99) vv…Và theo tôi biết, hai nước Việtnam và Hoa Kỳ đã ký kết  hiệp định bản quyền, có hiệu lực kể từ ngày 22/11/1998, đối với các nhà văn Hoa Kỳ bị  nhà xuất bản Việtnam  vi phạm bản quyền, và ngược lại;
Rất mong ông Tổng biên tập  cho đặt câu hỏi này trực tiếp với ngài Đại sứ Hoa Kỳ ,giúp chúng tôi. Xin đa tạ ,( kèm theo  "  Letter writer THEPHONG sending said Jeff Bezos, Director General the glass and sent Mr. Michael Michalak, U.S. Ambasador in Vietnam".( http://translate…5/25/2010)
25/39 A Tran Khac Chan St.
Tan Đinh Ward,
District 1,
HoChiMinh City.
Cell phone: 0913754133
                                                                                       Letter writer THEPHONG
                                                                                          sending said Jeff Bezos,
                                                                              Director General
                                                                                       the glass and sent Mr.Michael Michalak,
                                                                                        U.S. Ambasador in Vietnam
                                                                                                                                  THE FENG
Dear Jeff Bezos, Director General
Based in Seattle, USA.
and the Cc:
Michael Michalak,
U.S. Ambasador in Vietnam,
7 Lang Ha,
Dear Sir you,
 I introduced myself: The Phong, occupation : writer, live in 25 / 39A Tran Khac Chan, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -( Telephone : ( 08) 38438034.
 author of the book: "A Brief Glimpse at the Vietnamese Literary scene, 1900- by The Feng," translated from the Vietnamese by Xuan Near Dam   (Dam Xuan Cân), Dai Nam Van Hien Books, Saigon 1974)
" Thephong by Thephong, the writer, the Work & the Life by The Phong," translated by the Near crowd Xuan ( Dam Xuan Cân) , Dai Nam Van hien Books, Saigon 1968, 2nd Edition,
appear on the Google / Search/ Thephong WrIter ( web page 3 )
Amazon. Preview DNVH *
Thephong by Thephong ;: the writer, the work the life; autobiography ( Book) DNVH Books
$235.00 The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Triology Series- Eomer
www.acronymgeek DNVH / amazon
click  Next, show:
Thephong by Thephong;: the writer, the work & the life; autobiography ( book)
 a different book, "A brief glimpse at the Vietnamese scene literary, 1900-1956..,. by Thephong." Vietnamese literature ie, each vertex book Must Be in subject 1 AND subject 2 AND. brief-glimpse-Vietnamese-literary-1900-1956/dp/B0007 AJ 388-177k ( no price stated)
in an article, entitled " I  AM 56 YEARS & SAIGON &…" ( Google/ Search reprinted criticism, accordance with paragraph 5/16/2010:
.." So, how do I claim to be copyright-that is what I was thinking loose, and ask questions directly, through the "open letter" …. Thephong work has been paying copyright, as with any author, are the work you put online, not as an e book?"
Mr. Jeff Bezos,
… Not just put online e book format ( Kindle transmitted through the machine), while  printing, sale $64,99 / book ( Amazon. and Canada- Amazon does charge GST and PST. Books can be shipped anywhere in the World Quickly " / book- " I think he is-out value for money than anyone else, can not be forgotten copyright-person Amazon  books production, sale and  recording profit across the globe.  As I am , the author of a weak state- each eat 3 of sticky ( sticky rice)  or pay 3 per meal social / 1 day. to write his own  the matter – it:"  ThePhong by ThePhong, writer, work, life" ( 1955-1960) ( precursor" Thephong by Thephong;: the writer of the day …" ( Vietnamese title book) . The author is hell, as understood value for money, much less his Bezos ( born 1962,——–) , each parent would hand back $ 20,00 to purchase a machine- mother  diasgrees, he must squeeze-minded, self-tinkering Patent sucessful machine experiments – before becoming general director of such great Amazon now!
 As far as I know, Americans are very respectful of copyright, and to avoid violations, furthemore, Copyright Treaty between the United States and Vietnam signed, effective from 11/22/1998. So not a reason, I have not been paying copyright, while has put up a network" by Thephong Thephong, the writer, the work & the life…" and" A brief glimpse at the vietnamese literary scene, 1900-1956 by Thephong?…"
Please Director General regards the, and we would soon hear ./.
 Excellency Ambassador Michael Michalak,
…. have to say straight out, I’ m author of Vietnam were many U.S. publishers copyright ingringement.
-The latest, in 2009, the" Open Letter from The Phong writer, author of "Luoc su van nghe Viet nam-nha van tien chien 1930-1945 by The Phong" ( Aesthetic VIETNAM HISTORICAL files), publish sell illegally on the website GO2VIET.COM  – (TTP:// there paragraph:
" Saturday; 2/7/2009, while searching on Google, I click on"  Nha van tien chien 1930-1945"( Vietnam entertainment industry history," Page 1, Section 3- Showing :
"  Luoc su van nghe Vietnam- Nha van tien chien 1930-1945 "( Vietnam entertainment industry history, writer tien chien ( 686)- $17,99… I am  extremely surprised that never contact or delegated to a base proficiency publications, commercial publishers do this work overseas ( United States) . When you click on the words that I found out that :" This is a promotional site has been printing and selling by " commercial website  
Image ads basis at:
http:// luoc-su-van-nghe-viet-nam-nha-van-tien-chien-p-6249.html?…
(…) Of course is" how to capture an illegal copyrightet again in 2009 in HueStates( U.S.A.) ," Trusted I wrote opwn letter posted on– draw against the vllage, books still being sold on the network, just peeled off "logo, book covers" only.
(Source: or Google / Search / thephong writer ).
and his own " A brief glimpse at the vietnamese literary scene, 1900-1956" was under arrest networks, printing, sale. For the same view: South Van Hien Dai Books Publisher( Dai Nam Van Hien Publisher) : " A Brief Glimpse at the Vietnamese Literary Scene, 1900-1956 by The Feng ( The Phong)_ … dai-Nam Similar publisher_htm-19k- Cached pages.
via Google / Search  also show:
Book Catalog: abri-vol.15
The Phong Saigon Dai Nam Van Hien Books [ 1974], 32 P. A brief glimpse vocabulary and grammar of the…
CITED get ThePhong ( b. 1932, d.———-)
Reverse Chronological Publications ALL IN ORDER
Author ThePhong ( 1974) A bref glimpse at the Vietnamese Literary scene, 1900-1956, Saigon Dai Nam Van Hien Books.-
to the" Library of Congress", then," A brief glimpse at the Vietnamese scene, 1900-1956" replaced the cover.
Open Library beta
[Edit] [History] last modified April 1, 2008,
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"A brief glimpse at the Vietnamese literary scene, 1900-1956"
Borrow: Not Available for this book.
Published in 1974, Dai Nam Van Hien Books, ( Saigon) 
Browse: Google Book Search ( novics)
Other titles: "Vietnamese Literary scene from 1900-1956 "
Data comes from Amazon,
Library of Congress, and users like you
…Of course I have to disturb him, through this letter – sent to his contract, would intervene to Amazon .com to pay the two books entitled:" Thephong by Thephong, the writer& the work& the life" and" A brief glimpse at the Vietnamese literary scene, 1900-1956 by The Phong" – a writer and Vietnam, there is no way to contact a university IT companies away from the second half left the earth? And I think, a water such as the United States is protected by copyright law closely, when the author was an infrigement of copyright shall be protected, the author is still  in Vietnam, there may not be equal  treatment? ( Copyright Treaty between U.S. and Vietnam take effect from 11.22.1998, for both authors).
Thanks and regards Mr. Amabssador,
( real name: DO MANH TUONG ( Strength WALL)
 25 / 39 A Tran Khac Chan St.
Tan Dinh Ward,
Districh 1.
Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam .
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