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Michael Huỳnh : Sài Gòn ngày tháng cũ

Trong này có một tấm The following photos have been taken by a US serviceman, Michael Anderson. Perhaps,
these are a few great shots of Saigon that I have ever happened run into while searching on the internet.
The candid photos depict muti-faceted daily life of Saigon during the war time. You can notice the barbwire
and sand bags as war-reminding images in some pictures while the others would bring back many "things"
and "signs" that time had erased in our memories, for example: The public-drop mail-box of Saigon Post Office.

            If you haven’t been there by 1975, now you can see what Saigon looks like by then. She wasn’t charming
or elegant as "Pearl of The Far East " as some colonist or novelists had glamorized. She was so ordinary,
down-to-earth, but confident; tattered but self-reliant; volatile but dedicated; and above all and most importantly
she breathed free…! Enjoy the nostalgic photos!


The last photo seems to be a symbolic image of Saigon on the morning of April 30, 1975, when many,
natives and foreigners alike shoved one another and ran for their lives in panic, abandoned Saigon , leaving her
desperate and helpless behind.


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Michael Huynh, M.B.A.