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Hay vọng với lối viết và suy nghĩ của Kelly Nguyễn trong hiện tại sẽ phát triển và có thể sẽ là nhà văn tương lai. Mong rằng quí vị đọc và hướng dẫn Kelly Nguyễn đi trên con đường văn học nghệ thuật mà cô bé mong muốn..

 Mother’s Day.

May 10, 2010 One day Mom sent a poem to my Dad asking him to review it.    When the poem came back: Dad would put the translation like this,  ”… that someone passed through “the  Market stall” and along the street with many people.”  Kevin was laughing because he thinks the correction wasn’t poetic at all, and that it sounded like Scott was writing his essay and having a hard time concentrating. Now let’s hear Kevin “the official poetry editor”  about how he does his job:    Mom asked him to fix this sentence: “thousands of beautiful images”. Kevin says it should be:   ” So ,so many beautiful images.” We asked Scott how he would fix the sentence, Scott says it should be:   ” thousands of hideous images”.    I think Scott will never be a good poetry fixer.    I try to think if I can come up with something better than what Mom wrote, but I can’ think of anything. Mom is getting very good at this business  –   how she can use the English language with the Vietnamese at the same time. I notice her poems are very short.  Mom doesn’t like any thing  long _even the way she speaks : Very precise and to the point. She showed me works from other  poets. They really write long and long poems.    If she sees a long poem of someone she admires, she would chop it down and uses what she likes.

We just find out a good place for Kevin and Scott to buy their toys.    It’s the flea market.    Mom can buy fresh fruits there too. The last time we went, she ended up buying 10 lbs of grapes, 20 lbs of oranges, and 10 lbs of avocado.    We have to let the dogs eat some of the fruits with us because there was so much. Mom really has a lot more issues to control than I do: clutter, food, shoes.  The freezer is still stuffed with food  – even more food than before, and Mom keeps saying she is not buying anything .  I wonder where they come from anyway. Last night, I fell off the bed.  Maybe God was not happy about something I did. We have been missing a few Sunday Mass:” Dear God, please forgive us for not being able to see you on a regular basis. We have to try better.”

Kelly Nguyễn

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