Springtime in Texas

Bring back memory… as always

Along curvy country roads

Lying at the edge of freeways

Wild flowers and bluebonnets

Busily bathing sun rays


The naked beauties

Waving with cool wind

For that, butterflies and bees

Fluttering and dancing




Once, we were young and pretty

Cruising up and down the roads around the counties

Somewhere on top of the bayou we parked

Drinking beers and singing in the back of my old truck Chevy


Once, she lay on bluebonnets hillside

The sky was so blue that I saw in her eyes

The warm sun light shined her blonde hair like an angle

I were trembling, no touch, afraid of breaking Goddess ‘idol


Such beautiful moments together as we grow

My sweetheart graduated the Heights, decided to go

She moved to the West, dreaming a movie star

Still a country boy I am, and time has gone that far



Springtime in Texas, again and again, happy life coming

Wild flowers, bluebonnets, the cool wind….

County roads had not changed much since those days

Still bees dancing and butterflies fluttering in the sun rays


For the good of the yesteryears that love

Never fade in me and memory keeps grow

To the West where she belongs to that day

I am sending a yellow rose and pray


Lâm Sông Đồng

Houston, Texas. USA.  2010

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