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Salt Stained Art Exhibit in San Jose

Salt Stained Art Exhibit in San Jose



Art Object Gallery

592 North 5th Street

San Jose, CA 95112

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Featuring Southeast Asian Artists:

In Vietnamese, the word nước translates to both water and country. When you remove nước from the Southeast Asian body, what’s left is our salt stained skin—a bitter reminder that we crossed oceans to leave the nước that nourished us, the nước that was our livelihood, and the nước we now call our homeland.

Salt Stained showcases communal storytelling through works of art that challenges dominant narratives. The exhibit features Southeast Asian artists from underserved communities who remind us that anyone with a story to tell is an artist. These works demonstrate our resiliency as people whose salt stained bodies stayed afloat by casting out our ropes and holding onto one another, leaving a legacy of ripples behind.